Director:  Jake Francis

Screenwriters:  Jake Francis

Genre:  Scifi


The year is 2049 In the wake of a collapsing economy and government, the country of the once Great Britain became more divided than ever before. Resources dwindled, and the nation split into 5 Sectors, each with its own leadership.


Over the years some sectors thrived whilst others struggled to survive. In 2032 a new disease ravaged across the lands causing havoc, forcing the scientific community to develop new Genetic research facilities to battle for the future of humanity. Prime-a-corp Genetics became the leader in genetic advancements but was controlled by those in power in Sector 5, and they used their skills to force a dominance on the other sectors for control of vaccines and resources.
People did what they had to for their families to survive in this brutal new world, but in amongst the chaos, a resistance was formed across the sectors, to share knowledge and to bring down the walls to unite the country once again.
For those living outside the Sectors though, life in the 'Wildlands' is very different!

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